About Reconnections

Reconnections is a service to reduce loneliness in Worcestershire.

Everyone is different. We work with clients to understand their individual needs and interests, in order to turn their life (and health) around on a meaningful, long term basis. We connect them to People, Places or Activities in their community.

Reconnections works with a number of local delivery partners. From befriending to boules, lunch clubs to libraries, pubs to pets! We’re also supported by a team of amazing volunteers, whose commitment, warmth and energy make the service what it is.

“The Reconnections programme has boosted my confidence in enabling me to come out of my house… I am more animated and happier because of it”

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How does it work?

Reconnections starts with a call from our team to each individual, to introduce the service and get an initial sense of that person’s needs.

Calls are then followed up by a personal visit to further discuss the individual’s situation and start to co-develop an action plan.

Support is fully tailored to each person, and can range from confidence building with the support of a volunteer, to making connections with people and groups with common interests in the local community. We want each person to find the right solution for them, and offer help to understand what options are in the local community as well as to connect with those appropriate activities or services.

I feel that the help has shown that I can do more than I thought I could”


Who is Reconnections for?

The Reconnections service is designed for those aged 50 and over in Worcestershire. Connect someone to Reconnections now

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Why is it needed?

people across the UK haven’t spoken to anyone for a month

people consider the TV as their main form of companionship

older people across Worcestershire are likely to suffer from loneliness

That’s simply too many. We all know how miserable it is to feel lonely, but more than that being lonely is linked to poor health – including conditions such as dementia and depression, and increased reliance on GPs (or other health services), residential care, and hospital services such as A&E.

We want to beat loneliness in Worcestershire to improve the happiness and health of thousands of older people across the county.

Do you know someone who might be lonely?

Whether it’s in your personal or your professional life, you might know someone who might benefit from engaging with Reconnections. By putting them in touch with the service – either via a referral on this website, email, or quick call – you can help us to reach more lonely people across Worcestershire.

We’re already seeing how Reconnections can help turn people’s lives around:

Since connecting with the service Joe, 83 and widowed 12 years ago, has built his confidence and now attends several local music groups, having spoken about his love for music with his volunteer.

Carole, 78, found organised groups daunting but has been able to connect with a local charity where she herself now volunteers.

What’s different about Reconnections is that we start by understanding each person’s needs and interests, to then be able to connect them to other local activities, friendships or support that will suit them best.

With your help we can connect with more people across the county and help them to lead happier, healthier lives. Connect someone to Reconnections here

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Worried about talking about loneliness?

You can raise the subject of Reconnections with someone who you think might benefit in the following way:

Step 1

With your permission, I’d like to put you in touch with a free local service. 

Step 2

The service is called Reconnections, and it helps connect you to People, Places or Activities to improve confidence, provide company or find local things you enjoy, or would like to try.


Step 3

In the first instance, all that means is a short phone call with someone in the Reconnections team who would give you a ring in the next week or so.


Step 4

They’ll go through a few basic questions with you on the phone, and then set up a time to come and visit for a chat. You can meet in a public place if you would rather, or invite someone to be there with you.


Step 5

If you’re happy then I’ll ask them to give you a call. You are entirely in control and can opt out of the service at any point.

Click on Connect Now to make contact with the Reconnections team, or call  01905 740954

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Get in touch

T: 01905 740954
E: reconnections@ageukhw.org.uk

Address: Age UK Herefordshire & Worcestershire, Malvern Gate, Bromwich Road, Worcester, WR2 4BN

Charity no: 1080545

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